Preparing for the Next Best Season

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There are times when we are ready for the next chapter, the next season, change. That hit me this morning, as I walked in the sticky heat and a large drop of some unknown liquid splashed onto my face, just below my right eye, from an AC above me. After quietly spiraling out and reminding myself that I wouldn’t die or lose my eye, I thought wistfully about how I am ready for autumn.

As Lydia Millen says, it’s not about wishing away the seasons, but sometimes there is an excitement in prepping for the new one. I am there. While right now we are transitioning from summer to autumn, these tips can be used for any seasonal transition. I sat down and thought about ways we can be intentional in planning for the next season. Let me know your own tips in the comments.

Clear Space

I am always seasonally clearing space. I like to go through my closet every time the weather switches from cold to hot or hot to cold. It costs nothing to go through things to see what you can donate to help someone else. I also like going through the pantry and supplement station to see what needs to go or what needs to be used quickly. You can also go through books and put them in local libraries or book swap boxes. It’s always refreshing to have more space, whether that is in your closet, kitchen or shelves.

Home Fragrance

Who doesn’t love a good candle? (Good to find less toxic options). A candle is a lovely way to bring atomosphere to the home. I love burning candles and that soft glow in the winter months. I don’t keep the same candles out year-round. Take some time to put some of the current candles away and bring out the scents that match the season being embraced. Scents that bring you joy and nostalgia.


I can’t say I hardcore decorate (I hope to someday). But I do think that it’s nice to switch out couch pillows, throws, table cloth and other items like wreaths, little plant displays and other things.

I also find it to be a good time to change the walls. And I don’t necessarily mean paint (though you can). I often have things on the wall or leaning against. It is nice to switch things up and replace/move things around.

Your home reflects more than you know: Generosity and kindness are the rugs; hospitality the furniture, curiosity the objects; and originality the placement… Enthusiasm, joy, and vitality are the fragrance that fills the air.” Pamela Clarke Keogh


As you swap out your closet, it’s nice to look through your clothes and pick out some hero items and things you want to wear often. It’s nice to steam them and place them on a rack, ready to go. This also makes it so we don’t wear the same thing over and over again. (I need to grow in this area). When we dress more intentionally, we feel it, and it feels good.

Food Planning

Pick out some recipes you want to try in the upcoming season. Read them and visualize them. Make little lists.

Pick Something to Memorize

Something I love about previous generations is how well-versed and eloquent they were. They could recite quotes and poetry. It was a part of conversation. Why not pick a poem, a passage of Scripture or something else of meaning and exercise the mind. Memorization can be a way we can spread wisdom to those around us.

Calendar It

Have something to look forward to. I was listening to the Style Your Mind podcast, and the speakers correctly brought up the fact that it is a scientific fact that having something to look forward to makes us happier. Think about different activities you can do. Some don’t have to cost money. It may mean something as simple as exploring a different place, but schedule it. Have some things you are looking forward to! It will bring you joy.

Scriptural Focus

I hope that when I have my own home, to pick themes or passages and write them on a little board somewhere in the house like the kitchen. Maybe you are wondering where God is and you feel far from Him, maybe you are finding yourself anxious or seeking to be more kind. It’s nice to pick verses from God’s word that remind us that He is with us and how to reflect Him better to the world around us.

Maybe have a Post-It on a mirror or have a little board, and put a seasonal Scriptural focus you can update in a visible spot. You may find it speaks to your heart in lasting ways.

How are you preparing for your next best season?

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Gabriela is a writer, editor and attorney. She loves the art of storytelling, and she is based in NYC.

5 thoughts on “Preparing for the Next Best Season

  1. Food planning, yes! I’m not the biggest fan of autumn/winter (my body really feels the lack of sunlight) so finding things to look forward to is really helpful at this time of year. I enjoy cooking so planning new recipes, bookmarking ideas for Thanksgiving (already ha), and looking forward to fall produce are big ones for me.

    Also, love your idea of changing up your space! Makes me think of this “Fakeover” piece:

    1. You are a planner! Yes!! Bookmarking already! Thank you for sharing this link! Love it! I am working my way through the deep clean of my apartment. The fall candles are out! 🙂

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