The Value of Mentorship

Mentorship has been a key thing to me. I receive mentorship from parents, pastors (Erwin McManus being a main), authors (Beth Kempton, Robert Greene), business people (Ed Mylett and Grant Cardone), podcasters (the Bossticks from TSC Podcast) and instructors (Anna Bey and Elena Cardone). I adore wise people who share, write and create courses for the rest of us to learn.

Growth is difficult. It is everything but comfortable. Growing is like doing a cold plunge. In the words of Michael Bosstick, when the cold water starts moving, “it makes you find Jesus in a different way.” Discomfort either stops us or creates resilience.

Some words I heard from some women this week were:

My career has been built on all the ways I failed but refused to be denied.” Beth Kephart

Elena Cardone, quoting someone else: “You can’t take down a woman who uses the worst things that ever happened to her as fuel for her greatest victories. A woman like that is unstoppable.”

It can be easy to look at people who are accomplished and feel behind and wonder why one doesn’t have the emotional discipline and ability to deal with things as they do. But so much of our emotional discipline and such comes from years of life. It comes out of the discomfort moments and resilience built.

I was curious about one of my mentor’s ages, and when I searched it, I realized she was about 20 years older than me. A whole life, marriage and world apart. She often shares the mistakes she made when she was about my age. Seeing that gap reminded me of how blessed I am to be able to learn from the experiences of others. We all have our arc.

Mentorship is a gift. It is something I feel privileged to have and encourage others to seek. I am in no way perfect, but in my valleys– when I am down (and I have been a lot recently)– mentors have offered wise counsel that uplifted me. We must cling to our purpose, as Cardone says. Even in your darkest times, it is what helps you push through.

It helps to see the people who have kept pushing through rain and storm. Like the refinement of gold in Scripture, out of the fire comes out something pure and incredibly valuable. Grateful for the people I get to learn from in the fire– for the time they invest on calls, videos, and pages. That is currently my gold.

Published by Gabriela Yareliz

Gabriela is a writer, editor and attorney. She loves the art of storytelling, and she is based in NYC.

2 thoughts on “The Value of Mentorship

  1. Hi Gabriela! i like your expressions! I read (somewhere) that each one of us, are the addition of all our experiences transformed in abilities . I always wear the vest of abilities to create my way.
    keep going, thinking, creating, wondering!

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