This Month’s Picks: March 2014

Compiled by: Gabriela Yareliz March was an action-packed month, where a crazy schedule became the new normal. Exams are coming quickly (they are that dark cloud hovering over us); I am still springbreakless; I am still slightly sleep deprived, but nonetheless joyful. I think April will be an exciting month filled with a lot ofContinue reading “This Month’s Picks: March 2014”

January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month

By: Gabriela Yareliz This is something I am very passionate about, and I want to share that January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month. Please check out the links below, which have fact sheets. More importantly, read some survivor stories. Let us raise awareness and join together in prayer for those who are victims of modernContinue reading “January is Human Trafficking Awareness Month”

Secret to Power

By: Gabriela Yareliz Happy 2014 to all of you! 🙂 It has been lovely to take a long (and well-deserved) break from school. As we start the new year, I thought it would be appropriate to begin by joining the world-wide and annual”Ten Days of Prayer.” At GYC (Generation.Youth.Christ) 2013, there was a seminar heldContinue reading “Secret to Power”

Walk with me through Central Park

By: Gabriela Yareliz First things first, the quality of the photos is not the best. They came from my phone. Later, I will post some better ones I took with my camera, but my camera decided to pass out mid-walk, hence the phone photos. But it will give you an idea of the beautiful autumnContinue reading “Walk with me through Central Park”

Baby, it’s cold outside…

By: Gabriela Yareliz Oooh baby; it’s cold outside. Like, so cold it should be illegal (exaggeration due to initial shock). I have no idea how the temperature dropped so many degrees in a day. So much, that the building turned on the heater. Miracle. Last year, management waited until November. Bundle up! The man byContinue reading “Baby, it’s cold outside…”

How I Found Bmore Charm

By: Gabriela Yareliz The first time I went to Baltimore, I saw the harbor area. It’s a beautiful area with little boats and bright lights. Very reminiscent of La Rochelle, France, except it misses the old-time charm La Rochelle undoubtedly has. I stood under an umbrella with my host who was attempting a Skype sessionContinue reading “How I Found Bmore Charm”