The Greatest Love Story Ever Told-

By: Gabriela Yareliz So, I have a couple of things floating in my mind. Yesterday, a man called into the Delilah show (yes, I said Delilah) and he wanted to dedicate a song to his wife, Sandra, because a childhood friend of his lost his wife in a car accident. It made me so sad.Continue reading “The Greatest Love Story Ever Told-“

Love Actually

By: Gabriela Yareliz I really love this love story from Love Actually (no pun intended). It always makes me smile. Love is strange. Does it creep up on us? Are there different types of love? The immature one, the mature one, the enduring one, the tragic one, the painful one, the magical one- or is thereContinue reading “Love Actually”

School: and we are back-

By: Gabriela Yareliz Hello, School began with sweltering heat. Everyone’s hair was moist and stringy and we all stood in close proximity on the bus trapped in a mixture of everyone’s distress and frustration with the weather. Lines at the bookstore reached the back, and many of us paid several visits to exchange editions whereContinue reading “School: and we are back-“

garden bits.I drove all night. Italian. (500) days of summer (literally)

School is out. From adrenaline to no pulse. Life revolves around LSAT Logic Games and Logical Reasoning. I’ve been touring libraries, cooking new recipes and reading the fat ABA Law School Profiles book. HEADACHE. It has been a whirlwind of cool breeze, hot sunshine, long winding roads with green on both sides and troppo (tooContinue reading “garden bits.I drove all night. Italian. (500) days of summer (literally)”

Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day is approaching. I thought I’d rewind the clock. Before there were roses, diamonds, and for some, disappointments, there were the paper bags that everyone would prepare. Teachers looked on cringing as we made a mess with glue and glitter. The pink and red construction paper grew thin and wet with excessive glue. As weContinue reading “Valentine’s Day”