#EuroPower #BecauseFutbol

Shallow Soccer Commentary Brought to You By: Gabriela Yareliz For those of you who have been reading my World Cup 2014 blurbs, you know Germany made my “favorites” list after seeing its skill and Mats Hummels face. This was difficult to maintain during the France (my team) and Germany face-off, but it was hard toContinue reading “#EuroPower #BecauseFutbol”

Thoughts From Group Matches (So Far)

By: Gabriela Yareliz We’ve all had our thoughts as we watch the matches. All of our thoughts are seeped in biases and hopes. Below is the song Univision plays at every halftime and at the end of the matches. It is the soundtrack to this post. Why not? Casillas (Spain Goalkeeper), we love you. WeContinue reading “Thoughts From Group Matches (So Far)”

I Love Lawyers

By: Gabriela Yareliz I love lawyers. Some of the people I most admire, belong to this noble profession. The equalizier who taught forgiveness: Nelson Mandela -South Africa The coolest Secretary of State, ever, and a woman who knew that with God’s help, nothing could stop her: Hillary Clinton-USA The best president and humanitarian: Bill Clinton-USAContinue reading “I Love Lawyers”

Powerhouse women I admire

By: Gabriela Yareliz These women are pretty amazing. They aren’t ranked… just listed… 1. Cristina Kirchner She is on my radar now… Cristina Kirchner is an incredible woman. Attorney, first female president of Argentina– she is a fascinating person to listen to. I watched her in “South of the Border,” an excellent film on LatinContinue reading “Powerhouse women I admire”