“Every news consumer should be on guard against flimsy arguments or tendentious cuts. We can and should question journalists’ motives. But, if we demand that journalists have no motives at all, we’ll be forced to outsource the job to algorithms and drones, which are— so far, at least— even less thoughtful than humans.” Andrew Marantz,Continue reading “Motives”


I wrote this a year and a half ago, when I was still in professional school. I never published it. These feelings that were left in a draft post came back today through another experience. So, today is the day I hit the publish button.  By: Gabriela Yareliz Something I have always disliked is whenContinue reading “Surprised?”

Asking the hard questions

By: Gabriela Yareliz People who know a little bit about everything; they learn every day; they feed off of silence and awkwardness; they are curious; they are versatile; they are travelers; they are steel; they are elegant; they are charming; they vow to defend truth. Who are they? Journalists. 1] Rebecca Mead 2] Adam GopnikContinue reading “Asking the hard questions”

I Love Lawyers

By: Gabriela Yareliz I love lawyers. Some of the people I most admire, belong to this noble profession. The equalizier who taught forgiveness: Nelson Mandela -South Africa The coolest Secretary of State, ever, and a woman who knew that with God’s help, nothing could stop her: Hillary Clinton-USA The best president and humanitarian: Bill Clinton-USAContinue reading “I Love Lawyers”