What makes you different, makes you beautiful

What makes you different… makes you beautiful to me-Backstreet Boys You don’t run with the crowd You go your own way You don’t play after dark You light up my day Got your own kind of style That sets you apart Baby, that’s why you captured my heart I know sometimes you feel like youContinue reading “What makes you different, makes you beautiful”

One Direction

By: Gabriela Yareliz Maybe it’s the jr. high school girl in me, but this group is really cute. They have that boppy-teen, clean-meaningful-lyrics music. The¬†world is lacking in true poetry that does not disrespect anyone. Anyway, this totally brought a smile to my face…their music makes me feel like I am 12 again (and thatContinue reading “One Direction”

Heartwarming Life

By: Gabriela Yareliz Today has been a heartwarming day. I had great conversations with people, ate lunch outside with Felicia¬†under the sunshine (which was struggling against the clouds to get some rays out)… By the Reitz Union I made a card with an organization called “Friends For Life” which does cards for pediatric cancer patients.Continue reading “Heartwarming Life”