Being Human: Here Comes Autumn

FALL TRANSITION By: Gabriela Yareliz And here we are. Inside of my little studio, French jazz playing, little amber candles burning and the drawers of my dresser only half closed. That’s the way it goes on a Friday where I don’t want to leave my house anymore, and I just want to start my sentenceContinue reading “Being Human: Here Comes Autumn”

A July Photo Diary

By: Gabriela Yareliz Warm New York summer rain threatens my unspoken plan. The rain is soft and glittery. It should be bottled up and sold as perfume. It paints the sky grey and paints us wet. In my search of the skyline for a perfect rooftop, I spot the flamingo tree. It’s sassy in itsContinue reading “A July Photo Diary”

October Mobile Scrapbook

Here are some random and shameless mobile device snapshots and selfies from this busy, busy month. Here is some music to serve as soundtrack 😉 /And I’m doing just fine I’m always landing on my feet In the nick of time And by the skin of my teeth; I ain’t gonna stress ‘Cause the worstContinue reading “October Mobile Scrapbook”


By: Gabriela Yareliz The weather has been perfect. Many things have been close to perfect. Here are some shots from my world. “It’s 72 degrees, zero chance of rain It’s been a perfect day We’re all spinning on our heels, so far away from real In California We watched the sunset from our car, weContinue reading “Delights”