What I Believe Is In My Name

By: Gabriela Yareliz I’ve learned that people in life will look at you strange if you don’t exactly go with the flow. I’ve gotten looks and snarky comments. I’ve been laughed at, and I’ve gotten an occasional sigh. Some don’t understand why I do or don’t do certain things, why I believe certain things, why I have a conscience about certain things… WhileContinue reading “What I Believe Is In My Name”

Songs, soup and the girls in the polos

By: Gabriela Yareliz Call me an idiot, but yesterday I prepared some Campbell’s soup for myself. Tomato. “Umm-umm good”? Not really. I forgot to add the can of water and let me tell you, that soup is jacked up with so much sodium and sugar. It was disgusting. I realized my mistake but then itContinue reading “Songs, soup and the girls in the polos”