By: Gabriela Yareliz Today was a beautiful spring-like day in NYC. Thank you, Jesus! I wasn’t outside for very long, but when I did step out, without a coat, I felt the sunshine on my arms. It was magic. I haven’t felt like that in forever. Thoughts of future warm, dark blue New York CityContinue reading “Wings”

Que Nadie-That No One

By: Gabriela Yareliz Manuel Carrasco A Dúo Con Malú “Que Nadie” -Song /Que nadie calle tu verdad –That no one may silence your truth; que nadie te ahogue el corazon-That no one may choke your heart; que nadie te haga mas llorar-That no one may make you cry ever again; mintiendote en silencio- Lying to youContinue reading “Que Nadie-That No One”