Sick-Day Sabbath #2


I have sneezed so much, I am afraid I am going to sprain my neck or something. Unfortunately, I am sick, and fortunately, trapped indoors. Today, I was sneezing at a symposium (the photo above is from today–the one moment I was not sneezing). The symposium talked a lot about John Milton’s Paradise Lost. I am in a classic kind of mood. I saw an old friend from France and drank hot tea. I later proceeded to class, where I was cold called, while feeling clammy and cold sweating. I was talking and stating my arguments while stripping off my blazer, scarf, etc. I could feel the streams of cold sweat in my cleavage. Not a good feeling.

I walked, in what felt like an arctic blast, to the bank, and because I didn’t want to go outside after I had finished in there, I literally sat on the bank couch for 30 minutes texting a friend and avoiding eye contact with bank tellers who were wondering what I was still doing there. Then, I when to the pharmacy where I had trouble checking out and got ID checked while trying to buy cold meds. Because apparently only 18+ get sick, and all the sick minors live with parents who can buy them cold meds; also, I look 15 to them, in a suit. Whatever. I need to get a job on Disney Channel.

I took a five-hour nap, and now I am here, wide awake; can’t breathe; and craving french fries. Tomorrow, I will sit here and read my Bible, in bed, keeping pace with my 90-day challenge. The book of Job. How appropriate? *Kidding* I am sure it will make me feel better. Better to sneeze than to have boils and ashes on my head or something…

I hope you are warm and healthy. And if you are sick, I hope you have a roommate. It sucks when you are sick, and you live alone. Thank God New York Fashion Week is over, and people can start wearing weather-appropriate clothes again. Wearing nylon tights as pants in -16 degrees, people! People! I am off to find tissues in my fashionable knee socks, Gator hoodie and fuzzy pants. This kind of cold should be illegal.


Your sick Floridian trapped in a polar vortex

Published by Gabriela Yareliz

Gabriela is a writer, editor and attorney. She loves the art of storytelling, and she is based in NYC.

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