This Month’s Picks: July 2016


Compiled by: Gabriela Yareliz

Yesterday, when we checked the sunset time, it clicked for us Sabbath-observer-wanderers of the Upper East Side that the sun was setting earlier, and you know what that means– summer is on its way out. Autumn is getting ready to assume its romantic little place with us. Haunting memories of eternal winter start reemerging, and we cling to whatever is left of the warm wet days ahead of us.

Summer kind of takes us out of our usual routines. Even those of us who aren’t teachers or students. We dress differently, our hair looks different (frizzier), our makeup melts, and we eat more fruits. We get the weirdest tan lines on our shoulders, and we sweat out the toxins from former seasons. There is a sense of exhaustion that settles in from long walks and days spent under the hot sun.

Summer. Let’s enjoy the last of it. August is coming…

Interesting reads and picks:

1. Arguments for living off the grid and being connected to nature.

Heather Culp told The Chalkboard Mag:

“Living off the grid can be very basic or super sophisticated. My situation was more basic, which in some ways was more of a challenge, but it’s surprising how quickly one adapts to limitations and really it’s often easy to turn something that was once frustrating into something positive. For example, we didn’t have a huge number of solar panels, so it wasn’t really possible to stay up all night watching movies or Internet surfing. Coming from NYC, this was an adjustment. But pretty quickly, I adapted to a lifestyle where I was waking up with the sun and spending spare time in nature, which was ultimately much more fulfilling.”

2. Going to make some chia pudding for the week.

3. C.S. Lewis quotes from Letters to Malcolm that I love:

“The soul that has once been waked, or stung or uplifted by the desire of God will inevitably awake to the fear of losing Him.” C.S. Lewis

“We may ignore, but we can nowhere evade, the presence of God.” C.S. Lewis

4. Song stuck in my head: “Brother” Need to Breathe

5. Instructions for quitting social media (enjoy the last days of summer!)

6. 6 Signs That You Are a Stellar Employee.

7. Solidarity in “beauty woes” from Garance Dore and the team.

8. @WhatFranWore, because The Nanny is always and forever #legend.


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