Delilah #LoveSomeone

By: Gabriela Yareliz

Delilah. She loves people’s stories, and so do I. Stories are my drug, and she is my enabler. It has always been like that.

She gives sage advice, and sometimes, just a listening ear who comforts. For those of you who have been reading my writing for years, you have seen her mentioned in many a blog post. She became a regular on my “Reflections Before Bedtime”: (how we can learn from other people’s loss, tragedy and praying for others, when she played “I can dream about you,” when she made the list of things that make me, me; lonely nights dreaming of romance, when my childhood friend chose me to be maid of honor and Michael Bublé came on, and when God gives us wings to fly, to name a few…).

Today, I met Delilah. Yes, the radio queen. I am listening to Delilah, as I write this. My boyfriend and I heard she would be hosting Broadway in the Park, and we were freaking out. We had to meet her. At first, I wasn’t sure I would be able to make it because of my court schedule. But somehow, God worked it out. I finished my case early, and I was able to go. What a gift.

We spotted her, and there she was. She was talking to a young woman. She prayed for her, and told her to write to her. Personal, as always. Warm, as only she can be.

She was so sweet. I told her I have listened to her since I was a child. I remember being in the car (I spent a lot of time in a car, as a kid– we moved and traveled, a lot). I would look out at the dark road and listen to her. Anywhere I went, she was always a part of my life. I would listen to her on my commutes home from college. In law school, I would listen to her on the iHeart Radio app at 1 am, while I worked on my readings or clinic work. She has forever been my company. Living alone is difficult. Her voice has kept me company on more evenings than I can count. A trusted friend.

Now, my boyfriend listens to her as he drives. We often catch a call or two together. We laugh, smile, comment, and sometimes, we just sit in silence (while I quietly blink back tears).

Today, she signed a photo of her for us. I told her we had come to just see her, as the true nerd I am. (Who cares about Broadway? Just kidding.) She drew a sparkler on my hand and asked my boyfriend when that was coming. (Hilarious).

Delilah is a beautiful person because she inspires. She is a woman of faith who speaks light, life, love and hope. I am grateful that she has used her talent and soul to bless others, like me.

Thank you, Delilah for being such a beautiful and strong person.

But, before I end this, I should share why her show and who she is means so much to me. She has gone through so much, but she believes so strongly in God and in love.

I haven’t exactly seen the “ideal” when it comes to romantic love, in my life. I come from a broken home that has faced and overcome a lot of adversity. No matter what life threw my way, or how jaded, sometimes cynical or angry I would get at times, her show melted me. Those calls, they always fed this flame inside of me. What flame? The flame that told me that incredible, faithful and lasting love is real. Every time I heard those older people call in to talk about how they had been married for more than 40 years and were still so in love, I knew it was real.

“Those calls, they always fed this flame inside of me.”

A voice inside of me always said, that love is real. My hard heart would melt, and I would look out at the dark night, and think, “I want a love like that.”

It was special to meet this woman who kept that belief alive in me, with the man I love. Here is to hoping that someday, years from now, we will be the ones who call her show. We’ll talk about how we have been married for years and how we used to listen to her while we were dating. I’ll tell her about how God blessed me with this man, and I’ll tell her, “You were right, Delilah, the most magical thing we can do in this life is love someone.”

“You were right, Delilah, the most magical thing we can do in this life is love someone.”

Published by Gabriela Yareliz

Gabriela is a writer, editor and attorney. She loves the art of storytelling, and she is based in NYC.

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