Wanna Say It Now, Wanna Make It Clear

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By: Gabriela Yareliz

We’ve made it to the end of our journey with our music leading up to Valentine’s Day. We are ending with a song that Gwen Stefani is featured on, but it’s not her song. We are ending with Blake Shelton’s “Nobody But You.” This song gives me all the feels. Every.Single.Time.

What do I love about it? Several things. First, I love every single word in the lyrics. I love that it shows how good it can be to start again and have something be redeemed in your life. I love that it shows two people, who are opposites, completely in love. There is a scene in the music video where they are on a stage, and she is in her typical glitter getup, and he is wearing a blazer with jeans.

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The song appeals to my southern side, and it goes against convention. The first stanza is all about how he feels he doesn’t need anything other than her. He is also saying he will make sure that he tells her how he feels because he won’t be caught with the regret of wondering who she married, years down the line. It’s a song about declaring your love for someone, and this time, it’s reciprocated.

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My favorite lines in this song, which are so passionately sung by the duo, are:

Wanna say it now, wanna make it clear
For only you and God to hear
When you love someone, they say you set ’em free
But that ain’t gonna work for me

There is an intentionality and clarity in these lines. They aren’t letting go of each other, and not in a creepy possessive way, but in a way that shows a mature love that they are willing to fight for. It’ll overcome obstacles. It’s loyal. It’s staying.

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One of the most powerful images in this music video (gives me chills) is seeing Gwen Stefani in her gown emerge from leaves in a wood like a phoenix (exactly at second :37). Stefani in a gown is no new thing. We have seen her in a million gowns in past videos sobbing on the floor. This time it’s different. She is emerging from the ground, powerful, beautiful and loved. RISING FROM THE ASHES LIKE A BOSS.

There is a stability to this song that we haven’t seen in her previous music. They both reflect on their love histories and pasts. They sing, “All the wasted days, all the wasted nights– I blame it all on being young. Got no regrets, ’cause they got me here, but I don’t wanna waste another one.” There is a recognition of mistakes but a determination to move forward in a better way. While they wish they hadn’t endured all of their suffering, they are clear on the fact that all of these moments in the end are not wasted because it made them who they are today and brought them together. Somehow, their roads met.

In the end, they have been thinking about what they want in life, and the one thing is each other. This song has a finality to it. That’s it. There are no other roads to be wandered down; there are no other paths to be taken. They have found each other, and this song is letting the world know, they don’t want to love anyone but the person they are with.

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In 2020, Blake Shelton proposed to Gwen Stefani. There is a wedding coming our way. Our songwriting heroine got her first #1 on the charts, with this song. If you ask me, there is no better song to make #1 than this one. She is happy. Stefani has found a man who apparently treats her with respect and adores her. It’s the ending we all dream of, and the truth is, we know every ending is a new beginning.

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Stefani’s broken heart has given us some raw and heart-wrenching ballads. But Stefani’s happy heart has given us a #1. We sometimes make the mistake of thinking love has to be dramatic and painful. It doesn’t. There are imperfect good souls out there. The desired person can come your way looking nothing like what you pictured, but being exactly what you needed and wanted had you known.

This one goes out to the ones who are going hard after what and who they want; the ones who rise from the ground into new strength; the ones who know there is strength in lasting love, a love that chooses one and stays.

Wishing each of you finds someone you don’t want to live without.

Happy Valentine’s Day! xx

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Gabriela is a writer, editor and attorney. She loves the art of storytelling, and she is based in NYC.

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