We Are All Carrie Bradshaw

Image via Flavim

By: Gabriela Yareliz

I am sitting on the couch surrounded by beautiful clothes, and I’m thinking… hear me out… when did we decide that the pandemic was a good excuse to not wear clothes? Are we really that desperate to save on laundry? We in NYC have been living in our yoga pants for years now (yes, it’s plural). I mean, seriously.

We celebrate shows like Sex and the City for their fashion. And the fashion is FABULOUS. But let’s get real for a second. What did Carrie actually do? She ran around the city looking fab, flirted with Mr. Big, got filled with angst because of Mr. Big, ate brunch with the girls and then came back home to write about it. Aren’t we basically doing the same thing?

The only one who had a serious job on that show was Miranda (the attorney). The rest had fab jobs with max flexibility, even PR Samantha. Everyone else might as well have been living the pandemic life, and yet, they still managed to look fabulous. So, I have stuffed my sweaters formerly on rotation into storage. (Unlike Bradshaw, I do not store my sweaters in my oven– I actually use my oven for cooking). I am gonna make this effort. You should, too, fellow city dweller. We are Carrie Bradshaw. We sit at our laptops, question life, talk to our friends and run around the city. Let’s do this. Below are some of my favorite Carrie outfits. (Her style is the one I like the most. It always has some funk, and she just does her own thing).

Image via Pinterest

It’s the skirt for me. I found one like it (but a bit longer) and have yet to wear it.

Image via Pinterest

A comfy dress with a handbag making the statement. This is doable.

Image via Pinterest

I had a skirt like this when I was 11. The print and ruffles are not modern, but that’s part of the appeal. #nostalgic

Image via Pinterest

Take a white shirt, wear a black bra and open the front down to the bra band. Make it office chic.

Image via Pinterest

This is my favorite dress in the whole series. I love a short in the front and long in the back situation.

Image via Pinterest

Plain tank and sheer midi skirt. Very Kate Moss. #Mossyvibes

Image via Pinterest

This makes me feel like I am in a 2003 Delia*s catalog. Cargo pant vibes, please.

Image via Pinterest

Jacket sleeves. Enough said. Major 2001 Olsen twin vibes.

Image via Marie Claire


Published by Gabriela Yareliz

Gabriela is a writer, editor and attorney. She loves the art of storytelling, and she is based in NYC.

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