The Perfect Day Trip: Lambertville, NJ

Photos are mine and taken by me unless stated otherwise.

By: Gabriela Yareliz

I am a sucker for magazines. Always have been; always will be. These days, when I read a Southern Living or Country Living (clearly, if “Living” is part of the name, there is a great likelihood I will subscribe), I pass it along to my fiancé, so he can enjoy the cool articles and photography. We often swap magazines, articles and cartoons. I get a little thrill out of it.

After a particularly stressful set of weeks, where I had been trying to mute a tension headache that had me on the verge of bashing my head against those painted white block walls that often make up high school hallways, he surprised me with a day trip. It was a trip to an autumn location featured in Country Living that wasn’t too far away– Lambertville, NJ.

Lambertville is the stuff dreams are made of. It’s quaint, charming and makes you feel like you are in an episode of Gilmore Girls. From the minute we stepped out of the car, locals were saying ‘hi’ to us, asking us where we were from (others, eavesdropping, would join in conversation to share that their sister-in-law was from New York). The place was so kind that when we were rushing to feed the meter (word to the wise: have a ton of quarters for the meters), we came to discover someone had fed it for us, giving us a free hour. (If that isn’t a reminder that God is always looking out for us, what is?)

Here’s the deal– there is so much to explore in this area. (We noticed the town really loves art. There are a ton of galleries). It’s impossible to see it all in one day, but I will share with you some of the highlights that we got to experience. Safe to say that when we got there and stepped out into the blustery day that was, (which Winnie the Pooh would have loved!), my tension headache went away.

What to see:

Sneddon’s Luncheonette

Naturally, when we got there, we were hungry. I am always hungry like a little caterpillar. We saw this cute diner looking place and went in. Everyone here knows each other. The kitchen is right there in the open, so you see your food as it is being prepared. And the prices… you can’t beat those prices. Tip: Check the specials board on the wall. Also, check out the children cutout portraits behind the counter. Unique.

Biggest omlette ever. Best Rye toast.

Lambertville Trading Co.

So, this coffee shop was heavily featured in the magazine. It’s dim (ambience) and small. It sells chocolate and other treats. There is a gift wrapping station in the back, which was interesting.

The coffee is pump-it-yourself and go.

Honorable Mention: Union Coffee (They had a nice spiced apple cider). There is a typewriter in the back where you can leave a little message. Flower arrangements and kombucha get an A+.

The Delaware River Canal

Photo by AZ

This area has lovely trails along the water. There are bridges over little man-made waterfalls and lots of cute ducks.

Photo by AZ

The Shops

There are a ton of thrift and antique shops. There was also a neat rare and used bookstore. Space is tight in the bookstore, but it’s interesting. There is a records section in the back with people who are way too cool for me. No idea who 90% of them are….

There are antique shops that look very Architectural Digest… You could find a pair of oars to nail to the wall in a boy’s room, à la Pottery Barn Kids. Make sure you go in without bulky stuff on you. There are a lot of tight spaces and fragile items.

The Houses

The streets look like they were ripped right out of a magazine. Beauty, as Virginia Woolf wrote, is everywhere. Just a quick stroll leaves you inspired. Don’t forget to just stroll around, agendaless.

Rustic vibes everywhere… The mart on Main Street sells bandanas, magazines, flowers, food… no guns though. We checked.

The little pink knit heart you see is in honor of people lost to suicide, I believe. Coffee shops have them in little baskets in New Hope, PA. Free to take.
We visited just before Halloween, so decor was everywhere.
Biggest leaf award.

In these stressful times, don’t forget to explore new places and old. Let the wind tangle your hair, and sip a cozy drink. You may just find magic (or another state, which happened to us when we crossed a small bridge. The sign welcomed us to Pennsylvania). Never stop being curious. Never stop being free.

Published by Gabriela Yareliz

Gabriela is a writer, editor and attorney. She loves the art of storytelling, and she is based in NYC.

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