The Perfect Day Trip: Lambertville, NJ

By: Gabriela Yareliz I am a sucker for magazines. Always have been; always will be. These days, when I read a Southern Living or Country Living (clearly, if “Living” is part of the name, there is a great likelihood I will subscribe), I pass it along to my fianc√©, so he can enjoy the coolContinue reading “The Perfect Day Trip: Lambertville, NJ”

Hopeless Wanderer: STH/ST/SEAPRT/NYC, Cider Feast Edition

By: Gabriela Yareliz I decided that not another day could go by with me not visiting one of my favorite places in the city–South Street Seaport District. I love the crisp, windiness by the sea and the boats. So, I grabbed my camera (partner-in-crime)¬†and wandered down to the Financial District. The day was perfect; notContinue reading “Hopeless Wanderer: STH/ST/SEAPRT/NYC, Cider Feast Edition”

To Start the Autumn Vibes

[Images reblogged from and] Compiled by: Gabriela Yareliz Marisa De Los Santos’ books always make me feel warm and fuzzy, comfortable, and they cast a soft glow on your soul. A book of hers is definitely a pick-me-up for the autumn days. It’s time to dig out my sweaters from the closet bags.Continue reading “To Start the Autumn Vibes”