Hopeless Wanderer: STH/ST/SEAPRT/NYC, Cider Feast Edition

By: Gabriela Yareliz I decided that not another day could go by with me not visiting one of my favorite places in the city–South Street Seaport District. I love the crisp, windiness by the sea and the boats. So, I grabbed my camera (partner-in-crime)¬†and wandered down to the Financial District. The day was perfect; notContinue reading “Hopeless Wanderer: STH/ST/SEAPRT/NYC, Cider Feast Edition”

An Ode to Summer

By: Gabriela Yareliz SUMMER IN THE CITY [Inspired by: New York City] Despite my autumn fever, yesterday’s 68-degree morning, and leaving the house with a jacket today, it is still officially a tourist-crowded-sidewalk NYC summer. People’s addiction to ice cream does not seem to be waning. I am slightly traumatized from last winter, and IContinue reading “An Ode to Summer”