To hold a letter

By: Gabriela Yareliz I like writing letters and leaving them for my mom. I don’t think people today realize how meaningful it is to receive or write a letter. To have a piece of that person that you can keep, smell, read, over and over again…It is gorgeous. Handwriting conveys so much more than aContinue reading “To hold a letter”

Cannes 2013: Elegance update

[The lovely Guillaume Canet and Marion Cotillard.] By: Gabriela Yareliz So, there are more important things in life than this, obviously. I am dreamy and filmy, however. I have enjoyed the art, taste and elegance exhibited at Cannes this year. Cannes shows the best of the best. It is true art, passion and class onContinue reading “Cannes 2013: Elegance update”

Margaret Atwood:Part I

“The past has become discontinuous, like stones skipped across water, like postcards: I catch an image of myself, a dark blank, an image, a blank.”  -Margaret Atwood, Cat’s Eye (322) “Knowing too much about other people puts you in their power, they have a claim on you, you are forced to understand their reasons for doingContinue reading “Margaret Atwood:Part I”

REM sleep

By: Gabriela Yareliz I think I got my REM sleep last night. We must repeat this. While doing readings, briefing and making sure I don’t lapse into a fugly look, I still listen to NPR. Yesterday, as I performed my duties as masterful chef (giggle), I was listening and I discovered Gaby Moreno. I likeContinue reading “REM sleep”