Nourishment for Hard Times

By: Gabriela Yareliz Where We Are What does it look like to confront moments of uncertainty? We all do it, day after day. I was listening to a doctor on a podcast who is temporarily staying in Harlem, and she was talking about how there is a depressive cloud over NYC. The subways are silent.Continue reading “Nourishment for Hard Times”


Political update by: Gabriela Gonzalez G20 in Cannes, FRANCE, meeting was a waste of time. Greece’s PM is stepping down today. A new government will be formed; a unity government. Italy (the third biggest economy of the EU) in trouble. Berlusconi, what will you do? Will Greece be the first country to default since Argentina in 2001?Continue reading “EuroZONE”

Random Thursday Picks

Shallowness imported by: Gabriela Yareliz Sephora has amazing sales and specials for Christmas!!! 🙂 and don’t miss the trend videos… 2. “Everybody hurts just a little too much Everybody hurts but its never enough Its wonderful to fall Let’s love and risk it all I’d rather love just a little too much” 3. “A girl can’tContinue reading “Random Thursday Picks”