Come Walk With Me: Jayuya, Part II

By: Gabriela Yareliz We went to Jayuya’s Hacienda San Pedro, where the legendary good coffee is grown and made. We also visited Casa Canales, and we learned about why it is important in Puerto Rican history. We visited El Semi, the museum on Taino history. We spent time with family: And there is nothing like family.

Come Walk With Me: Jayuya

By: Gabriela Yareliz We took a trip through winding roads, up mountains and through cliffs, to get to Jayuya, the place where, years ago, some Spaniards settled and decided to grow their family. My family. The roads are narrow and look like one-ways, but when another car appears going in the opposite direction, magically, theContinue reading “Come Walk With Me: Jayuya”

Come Walk With Me: El Tortuguero (Laguna), Puerto Rico

By: Gabriela Yareliz We went to see turtles. I did not see one turtle, but the view was neat. We hiked up a mountain. It all reminded me of Florida, and that is always a sweet thing. I think I wake up every day with Florida nostalgia, so this place and post is appropriate. *insert feelingsContinue reading “Come Walk With Me: El Tortuguero (Laguna), Puerto Rico”

Come Walk With Me: Ponce

By: Gabriela Yareliz We visited the Castillo Serralles, the plaza, and we strolled around as the sun was setting. The sky turned a beautiful, bright cobalt blue. Near the plaza, there was the best little ice cream shop, with natural fruit ice creams (I got guanabana). Also near the plaza, is the best souvenir shopContinue reading “Come Walk With Me: Ponce”

Come Walk With Me: El Yunque, Part II

By: Gabriela Yareliz So, we were walking mid-rainforest, getting ready to walk to the last and biggest waterfall, when the downpour started. Typical rainforest rain, I suppose. It would not let up. The stone steps that lead to the waterfall were slippery. I ended up slipping on one, on the way back. I have aContinue reading “Come Walk With Me: El Yunque, Part II”

Come Walk With Me: El Yunque

(A view from the top of the tower, below) By: Gabriela Yareliz Hiking in the rainforest is not something you do every day. The whole family came dressed for adventure, and oddly not for rain (except for Ignacio, who busted out an umbrella, from his pocket). These are some snaps, pre-downpour. It’s an enchanting forest, filled withContinue reading “Come Walk With Me: El Yunque”

Come Walk With Me: Vieques

By: Gabriela Yareliz Early in the morning, we split up and stood in two separate lines. One line was for the island of Culebra, and the other line was for the island of Vieques. There was only one boat going to each island (ridiculous, I know), and so at that point, we had a betterContinue reading “Come Walk With Me: Vieques”

This Changing World: July 19, 2015

By: Gabriela Yareliz The world keeps spinning and changing. MAC announced it will launch the Selena (Quintanilla) line in 2016. A Latina icon being celebrated like this would not have happened in my childhood. Donald Trump thinks he can turn Puerto Rico into Puerto Trump (please God, no). No one remarked on the fact thatContinue reading “This Changing World: July 19, 2015”

The Puerto Rican Dream

By: Gabriela Yareliz It was early morning, and the sun hadn’t infiltrated the land in shadows below the midtown skyscrapers. Forty-second street to forty-ninth street was barricaded for no entry. I was passing Lord & Taylor, when I decided I would go in to use the restroom (the things that happen when you juice inContinue reading “The Puerto Rican Dream”