Figs, Noodles & Torrential Rains

By: Gabriela Yareliz

Hello everyone!

What a day. I have been dealing with pelvic pain and ache due to my lovely endo. Don’t worry, this won’t be a Lena Dunham-style vent on the struggles with my uterus (not that there is anything wrong with that. See my post on raising awareness about women’s issues). But not today. Still, lately, my cycle seems to color so many things. It’s draining. One gets tired of the fatigue and apologies that follow irrational mood swings after a hormone nosedive. I don’t know what is more exhausting, the hormone plunge and fluctuation or the apologies and damage control that follow. They should make greeting cards for times like these. But I digress… #uterusdiaries

My prayers are with the people of the Caribbean, my Boricuas and my Floridians. Hurricane Irma is sparing no one from her wrath. I got an email from my friend and former supervisor saying, “Nena, esta feo…” (Girl, it’s ugly), with a link to live broadcast from Puerto Rico. Please join me in praying for our family, friends and brothers and sisters who are experiencing Irma and who experienced Harvey.

What else is new? I have planned two successful picnics. I made some yummy Thai rice noodles. Recipe here, created by my former colleague Nisha Vora. (So proud of her).

Today, I ran through some torrential rains in Manhattan; my shoes felt like cardboard. I discovered a huge chunk of my paycheck never makes it into my bank account because the lovely City of New York takes it. I ate a fig for the first time. Yesterday, I ate ice cream under a string-lit tree next to the Brooklyn Bridge, with my love (enjoying the last of summer weather).

Did I mention I ate a fig?

Speaking of Lena Dunham– Garance Dore published her open letter about her IVF experience on Lenny Letter. I read it like 20 times. I cried each time. Tears always spilled out when I got to the part where she says, “I cracked jokes when I learned how to place the needle on my belly, hiding in a corner of the house like a wounded animal. Telling you this still makes me cry.” I am so grateful for women who have the courage to be raw. If you haven’t read her essay, you must.

I am excited about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. I followed Meghan’s blog, The Tig, back before people were obsessed with her. She is a really neat woman.

And lastly, regarding things that are on my mind, I am working on a super exciting project. It’s personal and something I have wanted to do for a long time. I will be sharing more details soon. I am grateful to have an army of awesome women working with me.

I am off for now. Maybe, I will lay on a mat and stretch. This was just a quick update. More to come. I leave you with my news about figs, noodles and torrential rains. XOXO

Published by Gabriela Yareliz

Gabriela is a writer, editor and attorney. She loves the art of storytelling, and she is based in NYC.

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