Saying This Once

By: Gabriela Yareliz

As my friend Milica used to say, “I AM ONLY GOING TO SAY THIS ONCE,” so listen up:

Today is yours. No more wasted emotions, thoughts and words.

You are more powerful than you think, and it’s time to acknowledge that. Be emboldened.

Step out of the box you were put in. Take items and people out of the boxes in which you put them.

Use your passion to live a passionately joyeous life. Be intense with your laughter.

Don’t worry about the past; it only shades you if you let it. Step out into the sun.

Someone chose you. Trust their choice, and stop trying to fix yourself.

If something takes away your peace, then it’s too expensive.

You don’t have to be older, thicker, speak a certain language or have a certain personality. You are 20-something, strong and speak enough languages to manage the UN on your own. #worldpeace

Just because things are happening differently than what you envisioned, doesn’t mean they aren’t still fabulous.

Plan, but also, stop planning. Live.

Educate yourself to arm yourself, and then, go win your battles.

Life isn’t perfect. That’s ok. You will be ok.

Don’t lose yourself in your job, in a city, in an image, in a number or in anything else.

Go after your dreams. There are no limits.

Cook until you run out of ingredients. Then buy more.

Stop bringing up past wrongs. Let things go.

Show others the kindness you want to receive.

Stop weighing yourself. Stop criticizing yourself. You are beautiful, so treat yourself as such.

People’s disrespect says nothing about you and everything about them.

You don’t always have to cut your hair or change your look. It’s okay to settle into something for a while. It shows you are committed. You’ve donated enough hair for wigs, now, keep your hair. It’s ok to keep your own hair. You don’t always have to be giving something away.

Every time you spend time in God’s presence, He blesses you with peace. Every time. Don’t let anything or anyone rob you of your blessing.

Be a flamingo.

Wear your glasses. People who wear glasses know everything.

Live life on the edge, sometimes. I dare you to let your phone battery reach 2%.

Forgive those who can’t love you in the way you need them to.

Know that you are never alone.

(What would you tell yourself?)

Published by Gabriela Yareliz

Gabriela is a writer, editor and attorney. She loves the art of storytelling, and she is based in NYC.

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