Studio Update 13

By: Gabriela Yareliz

I saw this image this morning, and this is how I felt walking out (more like running out) of the grocery store with my eggs, the other day.

I was so tired yesterday, guys, that I woke up tired.

Two days ago, I saw myself in a video moving my hands like a sign language interpreter, and it hit me, I can’t keep looking homeless chic (and yes, I can say that because I have been, in fact, homeless). I didn’t feel good, and I didn’t feel like myself, so this week, I have been wearing makeup. Yep. #normalcy

Speaking of FaceTime and videos— I now have an obsession with muting myself. I do it for fun now. I do it because I can. So cool. Not sure how this will play out in public, once we aren’t social distancing. And speaking of social distancing— right on time, the City of New York texted me and told me just now, “Stay at least 6 feet from others.” You heard it here for the hundredth time. Roger that.

It’s almost like Goop knew I was feeling homeless because it sent me an email today encouraging me to buy (get this) an $85 lipstick, so I can look cute on Zoom. (That was the headline). If you don’t believe me (it’s absurd, I know) I am inserting a photo here. Such things exist. They should not, but they do. Who does Gwyneth think I am?

If you have followed along here, you know I appreciate Goop. But this isn’t aspirational; this is stupid.

If that is the price of the lipstick, it better clothe me, act as hairdresser, be edible (this is a crisis, so we got to think of these things), and give me a Goop-worthy background on Zoom calls.

Speaking of Zoom, my cute Ma had me test out her Zoom “office hours” with her at noon. We did it!

My neighbor just started sawing things outside. (Yikes!) I think the fence is a distraction so people look and just say, “Ahh cute fence!”, and they really are making a secret bunker out there. The chainsaw sound was alarming, at first— but speaking of projects (one thing leads to another here)— instead of buying a ridiculously priced lipstick (or supplies for a bunker), invest in your community. Find a place where you can donate for masks (one here), sponsor a hairdresser or hourly worker in your community, buy this cool healthcare hero tote where every penny goes to making masks, support an org that delivers food to the elderly and sick— there is something we can all do.

Ok, I did my yoga, I did my Bible time, I worked hard like I was trying to buy that Goop lipstick, and now, I am off to eat something. (Probably an egg I risked my life for— never thought I would say that about an egg that didn’t come from my ovaries). Sending you peace and love from NYC.

Published by Gabriela Yareliz

Gabriela is a writer, editor and attorney. She loves the art of storytelling, and she is based in NYC.

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