Studio Update 13

By: Gabriela Yareliz I saw this image this morning, and this is how I felt walking out (more like running out) of the grocery store with my eggs, the other day. I was so tired yesterday, guys, that I woke up tired. Two days ago, I saw myself in a video moving my hands likeContinue reading “Studio Update 13”

This Week’s Pick: March 4, 2013

By: Gabriela Yareliz Hello survivors, In this life, you’ve got to be a gladiator! Yes. 1] The Telegraph’s: Former French minister Rachida Dati says: Wear lipstick and you lose credibility The FAB Rachida Dati, earning some RESPECT. In this article she talks about the delicate balance of being feminine, glamourous and a respectable leader whoContinue reading “This Week’s Pick: March 4, 2013”