Studio Update 14

By: Gabriela Yareliz

Today was one of those days where I was thinking about what it feels like to be outside. Sort of reminded me of this writing project I once did of describing colors to a blind man. If you’ve never tried it, I would encourage you to try— even if just for curiosity’s sake.

I was thinking about what soft sunshine on the face feels like and honeysuckle. We New Yorkers can’t really be outside and social distance well. If you have a yard, it’s a luxury. (Hence why I do my prison break once a week only). Have you ever had honeysuckle? In my childhood, I remember playing outside with a friend and finding honeysuckle. Oh my gosh, the little tree smelled delicious. It was intoxicating when you would stand next to it. My friend was bewildered that I didn’t know how to eat the flowers. I was bewildered that she ate flowers. I quickly learned I was wrong. You could pluck a flower and bite the little stemish part and taste the sweetness.

We would do that with the little purple flowers in the grass, too. We would sit there and fill up; pure delight. I miss being outside. I will be staying in, but I miss that feeling of drinking up flower nectar and sitting in the grass in the sunshine. You don’t have to give me much.

I woke up early and worked from home in my athleisure uniform. I was fasting today and praying, and so what would have been my lunch hour, I spent on my yoga mat. It was time well spent, and it helped focus my mind on simpler things.

Watching Jen Atkin cut her husband’s hair on Instagram Live brought me joy. They are hilarious. Jen is such a boss. Built a hair empire (The Ouai) from the bottom up and revolutionized the industry. I mean, if you want someone cutting your hair, it’s her. I was laughing though because it was such raw footage. She was teaching her viewers how to do it at home. Thank God no one is here with me or you better believe I would have had them in a dining room chair with a makeshift cape. Ha! #spared

I love how it was a collaborative effort, too, you know? People saying the sides were even and giving tips. So much of life is collaboration. We truly can’t do this life alone. And in this extremely individualistic society, we are realizing we don’t want to do it alone, either.

My little neighbor is practicing his flute. I will flutter away now like a fairy amongst the honeysuckle. Be well.

Published by Gabriela Yareliz

Gabriela is a writer, editor and attorney. She loves the art of storytelling, and she is based in NYC.

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