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Photo by Benoit Preverelli for Purifiée : mise en beauté Mickael Noiselet pour Clarins

By: Gabriela Yareliz

I read an article that was all about restoring our body and skin and detoxing. It speaks of the dangers of some fad diets and fasting, but the benefits of some simpler purer diets and a more controlled and safe fasting. Here is an excerpt (the heading is linked to the article):

Les 24 heures du moins

Être en forme physique et mentale. Ne pas le concevoir comme une punition mais comme un cadeau que l’on se fait. Choisir un jour off et le transformer en rituel beauté et bien-être, avec massages, bains, masques, hammam relaxation, […] Se réveiller naturellement, boire un verre d’eau à température ambiante (si possible déminéralisée). Aller marcher une ou deux heures (de préférence au vert) ou pratiquer une activité physique douce. À midi, un jus de fruits frais de saison (fraîchement pressé ou centrifugé). Sieste avec compresse chaude sur le foie. Balade ou activité physique douce. Le soir, un bouillon de légumes (carottes, poireaux, navets, oignons, tomates, herbes fraîches…). Boire régulièrement eau ou tisanes (romarin, thym, fenouil, chardon-Marie…). Le lendemain, prévoir des menus légers, faciles à digérer.Infusions coups de pouce: Melissane Digestion, Detox Tea de Detox Delight, Detox de Kusmi Tea.-Marion Louis, La folie diete

Google Translation: “Be physically and mentally fit. Do not think of it as a punishment but as a gift that we do for ourselves. Choose a day off and turn it into ritual beauty and well-being, with massages, baths, masks, steam relaxation, […] Wake up naturally, drink a glass of water at room temperature (if possible demineralized). Go for a walk an hour or two (preferably green) or playing a gentle physical activity. At noon, juice fresh seasonal fruit (freshly squeezed or centrifuged). Nap with hot compress on the liver. Walking and gentle physical activity. In the evening, a vegetable (carrots , leeks , turnips, onions, tomatoes, fresh herbs … ) . Regularly drink water or herbal tea (rosemary, thyme , fennel, thistle … ). The next day, provide light menus , easy to digest. Infusions: Melissane Digestion, Detox Tea Detox Delight, Kusmi Tea Detox.”

2014 has been a year of detoxing for me. Getting rid of gluten, GMO, processed products (including veggie meat), and eating a lot more veggies and juicing. After my detox and withdraws (there were times when I felt terribly hungry and not very happy), I feel great, and it’s reflecting on my skin and body. Something worth considering…

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Gabriela is a writer, editor and attorney. She loves the art of storytelling, and she is based in NYC.

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