An Octobery October


[Photo by Betty Binon of Stems and Forks]

By: Gabriela Yareliz

Happy October! It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s super important to keep educating ourselves on these issues and monitoring our own health. (This goes for men and women).

I wanted to link this article on 8 Common Breast Cancer Myths That Need To Be Cleared Up. Refinery29 interviewed the doctor and Mount Sinai Hospital Cancer Center specialist whose office I went to when I had my own breast cancer scare, earlier this year. It was probably one of the scariest moments for me as a person, but their office and staff are so great. Definitely, a must read.

NYC feels like summer, yet again. It’s hot, sticky and sloooww. Standing on a subway platform, equals a death by sweating, and you better pray your train is actually running. #NYCoverrated

My main focus lately has been to keep some kind of peace at my core, despite insanity around me. Crazier times demand more prayer. We often stress out, unconsciously, because of changes looming in the future that we know we need to face head on. Or, we stress about the stuff we have no control over. We all have been touched by so much tragedy. As I have been editing interviews and profiles on women of faith for Modern Witnesses, it has been so great to see God’s faithfulness, over and over again, in the lives of others. Reminding me, that He will be the same in my own life.

For the first time this week, I tried fermented food. I had never in my life tried kimchi. It was a peculiar and interesting experience. We (my boyfriend and me) also tried new probiotics.

My boyfriend loves trying new things and has a sense of adventure that can’t be beat. He bought the kimchi, and also got me a cinnamon whisk. Basically, it looks like a cinnamon broom. I put it next to my bed, and call me crazy or declare aromatherapy real, because I have slept better than I have in ages, with that little broom around. Thought I would share.

And lastly, as we recap the beginning of this slow month, let me mention that sugar is everywhere. Once the holidays start, man it’s hard to be temperate. (Am I right? Or am I right?). I see you, sugar. You are on my radar.

October reminds me of those dark blue nights in D.C., by those homes close to Georgetown, with the glittering porch lights; that boxing class I used to attend that I was obsessed with (I loved leaving that gym all hot and walking home through the crisp weather). It reminds me that life is worth fighting for (cancer free or not). It reminds me that our lives need fall. We all have things we need to let go of; things that have to die in us; things that will have the opportunity to be reborn. We all need rest, beauty and slow calm.

It’s autumn, NYC. 🍂 So, get with the program.

[Go do a self breast examination. Now.]

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Gabriela is a writer, editor and attorney. She loves the art of storytelling, and she is based in NYC.

One thought on “An Octobery October

  1. Who would’ve thought a cinnamon whisk would do the trick?! 🙂 I’ve been diffusing essential oils, I think with similar effect.

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