An Octobery October

[Photo by Betty Binon of Stems and Forks] By: Gabriela Yareliz Happy October! It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. It’s super important to keep educating ourselves on these issues and monitoring our own health. (This goes for men and women). I wanted to link this article on 8 Common Breast Cancer Myths That Need To BeContinue reading “An Octobery October”

The lights of the world illuminate your path

By: Gabriela Yareliz It’s nice to walk around the city. Today, I walked by fancy brownstones decorated for fall with orange lights. A bored middle aged woman looked at a globe standing in the corner under a soft glow, and a man with a water bottle walked into the room toward her; a young womanContinue reading “The lights of the world illuminate your path”

Viviendo [living]: Adamari Lopez

By: Gabriela Yareliz Today, I finished Viviendo, by Puerto Rican actress Adamari Lopez (one of my favorite actresses from childhood). It was a masterful story-telling of her life so far; from when she was born to her meeting and being pursued by Luis Fonsi, her engagement to Fonsi, her telenovela success, her being diagnosed withContinue reading “Viviendo [living]: Adamari Lopez”