Our Greatest Contribution

By: Gabriela Yareliz One of the lessons I have been learning and processing is this idea of guarding our hearts and minds. In spirituality, we often just think about this as it relates to purity, but I think that in this day and age that we live in, as we see more and more peopleContinue reading “Our Greatest Contribution”

Next Level

“If you want to go to that next level, cut out negative sh**.” Gary Vaynerchuk That means leaving behind negative people energy conversations forces projections and excuses complaints It adds nothing and subtracts everything. Remember, you find what you are looking for. -GY


By: Gabriela Yareliz Sometimes, I get upset with parts of myself when they react a certain way, or when I feel vulnerable and raw in my emotions. I am learning to manage certain parts of me, in a better way. Sometimes, giving yourself permission is a step and accomplishment, in and of itself. I amContinue reading “Raw”

Designed to live by choice

From Life’s Greatest Lessons or 20 Things I Want My Kids to Know, by: Hal Urban “We can’t choose what happens in our lives, but we can choose how to respond. We have the ability to survive hardship and overcome handicaps. We have the capacity to rise above negative circumstances because we have free will,Continue reading “Designed to live by choice”

Who do you want to be?

By: Gabriela Yareliz As we enter a new season, find inspiration. Envision your life and future. I think faith goes hand in hand with being positive, trusting, disciplined living and envisioning. See the beauty everywhere. Always. “How am I going to live today to create the tomorrow I’ve committed to?” ― Anthony Robbins “Focus onContinue reading “Who do you want to be?”

Viviendo [living]: Adamari Lopez

By: Gabriela Yareliz Today, I finished Viviendo, by Puerto Rican actress Adamari Lopez (one of my favorite actresses from childhood). It was a masterful story-telling of her life so far; from when she was born to her meeting and being pursued by Luis Fonsi, her engagement to Fonsi, her telenovela success, her being diagnosed withContinue reading “Viviendo [living]: Adamari Lopez”