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By: Gabriela Yareliz

It is not we who choose to awaken ourselves, but God Who chooses to awaken us.New Seeds of Contemplation, Thomas Merton, 10

What a privilege that God is constantly pursuing us. He is constantly trying to open our eyes to things, as soon as we are willing to receive His Word. He speaks to us, constantly. He loves us, constantly. So, if we cannot awaken ourselves, then, what is our duty or task?

I am fully convinced that we are spiritual beings, and without a relationship with our Creator, something is missing, just as it would be with a parent and child. We cannot have true health, true healing, true love, true peace, true joy, true wellness or true satisfaction, if we don’t have God’s voice speaking into our lives. His presence.

What we need is sincerity. We must sincerely and humbly seek Him. And it is there where we will be found. We are often found, even when we are not looking for Him. He knows our hearts. And once He finds us, if we have the humility to open ourselves up to the most powerful Force and Being in the universe, we find our lives and the very essence of our hearts changed.

He awakens in us a deep faithfulness, honesty, loyalty, peace, compassion and love. He shows us where we must forgive and where we must love more. In doing this, He heals our hearts. He reminds us time and time again that we are loved and valued.

My one desire and my one joy should be to know: ‘Here is the thing that God has willed for me.’ […] And by accepting all things from Him, I receive His joy into my soul.New Seeds of Contemplation, Thomas Merton, 17-18

I pray that this evening, and forever after, you allow yourself to be found. That you may allow yourself to be awakened. That you may hear His voice and be receptive to His love. And that by accepting His will and providence in your life, that you may find joy and peace. May you embrace the unforgettable journey you were made to walk.

Published by Gabriela Yareliz

Gabriela is a writer, editor and attorney. She loves the art of storytelling, and she is based in NYC.

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