Rompiendo Silencio [Breaking Silence]

En el cansancio me encuentro. Cada transición acompañada de silencio. La carretera está abierta y es larga. Se que emprenderé camino, mirando el sol y las estrellas que van marcando la ruta. Este camino no es para los cobardes ni los que temen exponerse. Se trata de quitarse los zapatos, la camisa y todas lasContinue reading “Rompiendo Silencio [Breaking Silence]”

Acknowledging The Blanks

By: Gabriela Yareliz It was a dark week on the news. I am not here to talk about suicide or anxiety and depression. (While these are important discussions). I am not here to talk about the talented people we lost this week. I am not here to talk about any of that. I am hereContinue reading “Acknowledging The Blanks”

Weighing for Change

By: Gabriela Yareliz I am sitting in the basement of TJ Maxx on a chair that is for sale. I am not kidding. I am sitting here with no makeup on, with my New Yorker grocery cart beside me. I am writing this blog on a chair that isn’t mine. All morning, I have beenContinue reading “Weighing for Change”


Image from @candicekumai “The contrast from barely paying rent to where I am now is incredible. And I just want to tell you guys that I am living proof that you can do anything in your life, but you will have to work for it. And when I am running those races, I always hateContinue reading “Gaman”