American Wealth: Teen Angst & the Driver’s License

By: Gabriela Yareliz “A man goes where he wants, when he wants,” Daniel Castellano says on The Mindy Project when standing in line for the 100th time at the DMV to try to pass his driving test. The United States is filled with open space. In 97% of this country, I would say you needContinue reading “American Wealth: Teen Angst & the Driver’s License”

Reflections Before Bedtime #48

“I want everything—love, adventure, intimacy, work.”  Virginia Woolf, from a letter to Leonard Woolf By: Gabriela Yareliz On the other side of the world, two of my friends are getting married, right now. They are both extraordinary people. It’s like they were made for each other. This world is full of mismatched couples–so, it’s neat when youContinue reading “Reflections Before Bedtime #48”

Love Shoutout: La Familia

By: Gabriela Yareliz A snippet of me being with the people I love the most, my family. This one goes out to the people who make my eyes sparkle; the people God has gifted to me as my home. We are the best team. We are overcomers, comedians, and we walk each day together. IContinue reading “Love Shoutout: La Familia”


“I have spent my entire life studying the human body, and I can say with scientific certainty that what keeps us alive, more important than blood or oxygen or even love–is hope.” Dr. Henry Morgan, Forever   [We shall keep rowing forward.]  By: Gabriela Yareliz Have you found yourself dreading the upcoming week? I did.Continue reading “Headlights”

Marriage and Hague

By: Gabriela Yareliz Yesterday, a Summer’s grandmother came by with wedding pictures of the wonderful young lady (Summer) who used to work with me. She looked stunning. It warmed my heart to see her happiness. I think, as we speak, her new husband is building her a house on the top of a hill. How romantic is that? IContinue reading “Marriage and Hague”